Polywhat?! – What REALLY motivated me to become a polyglot

In this weeks’ post, I will be sharing with you guys the story of how I really began aiming to be a polyglot. Yes. A polyglot. For those of you who aren’t sure what this is, a polyglot is a person who is skilled in speaking several languages.

One day, about over a year ago after watching a few Benny Lewis videos on Youtube, I found myself in bed scrolling through my Instagram. I then tapped the search icon, typed in polyglot and then hit the “buscar” button (as my phone’s language was set to Spanish at that time). The first search result that appeared was an account named @achildoftheworld (now @historybeinginteresting), formerly a language account of a 16-year-old German girl.

The first post that I noticed was one in which was inviting aspiring polyglots to join a Whatsapp group chat. I then private messaged her indicating my interest to become part of the group and from that day I started to make a lot of friends from around the world that I can say today have become as close as family. At that time when I joined the name of the group was Around the Globe but now we call ourselves Tangerine.

The group consists of members that are aged 14 to 25 years (I think). However, the majority of persons are aged 14 to 17 years old and not only are they already fluent in at least 2 languages, but also, they are currently learning at least two more additional ones. It was mindblowing. This was because although at age 15 I knew both Spanish and French, it was nowhere close to that of their levels. I felt a bit of regret at first but then I channelled this into the loads of motivation that I possess today. One of the members who awed me the most was a 17-year-old Brazillian that is fluent in both English and Spanish. His English is show de bola (which means awesome in Portuguese) and his Spanish was even more impressive!

In the group chat, English is spoken 99.9% of the time. However, there are also other groups where we focus on each other’s target languages. For example, there are groups dedicated to Spanish, French, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, Rumantsch and even Conlang among many other languages where the native speakers’ team up to help those that are interested in learning their mother tongues.

Our method of practising is mainly through conversation and the topics usually range from language learning itself to socio-political issues, relationships and high school/college/university life among other interesting and controversial themes. Most of the time it almost never feels like you are learning anything, as one learns more subconsciously and this is what I like most about being part of the group despite the fact that sometimes I wake up to almost more than 1500 messages! From that day my motivation levels have forever been on 100 and my Portuguese has improved tremendously!



Today, we are more than 22 nationalities, some of us fluent in at least 3 languages each, and are studying at least 2 more additional languages. Anyway. That’s about it for today’s post. Hope you liked it.

– Un saludo afectuoso, Jer.



3 thoughts on “Polywhat?! – What REALLY motivated me to become a polyglot

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  1. Show de bola, Jeron! Now I’m trying to learn english, but after I became fluent, I’m gonna start to learn Spanish. After Spanish I don’t have any plans. But… no one know the day of tomorrow.
    See ya soon.

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  2. Hi Jeron!
    Although I recently joined Tangerine, I feel the same way. I’ve learnt a lot about languages with new and friendly people while having fun or talking about serious topics.
    I’ve learnt about cultures and languages either teaching to others my mother tongues or being taught by others!
    Such polyglot activity and diversity has encouraged me not to forget the languages I’ve learnt and to learn new ones (after exams xD).
    It’s lovely to have this international chat group and I encourage others to join in or create new ones!

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